Industry 4.0 is a real productivity driver

The business location Germany can benefit from the fourth industrial revolution strongly. The value added chains are changing by the digitization and networking of production and intelligent products.

Industry 4.0 applications extend from product development through production and logistics to support areas such as quality assurance, customer service, or human resource planning.

Increasingly shorter product cycles and increasing product variants with small lot sizes to unique can be economically handled.

With Industry 4.0 the complex production processes can be monitored in near real time. This creates greater transparency and reduces storage costs. In addition may be easier to set up and adjusted the globally distributed production processes according to the motto "plug and produce".

Opportunities arise mainly from new products and services for a simple, flexible and near real-time production planning and control.

Industry 4.0 has the potential to revolutionize our industrial valuechains as the Internet revolutionized the knowledge work.

So far, however, we could classify only a small part of the expected potential. Much will depend on whether and how it will be possible to introduce new business models in traditional industries in Germany.

In order to exploit the full potential of the Industry 4.0 , the "ecosystem" of man, technology and organization must be viewed holistically.

Requirements for the successful use of Industry 4.0 are standards on the technology and application side as well as rules for fast and interface-free communication, data protection and data security.

Source: Kräftige Wachstumschancen durch Industrie 4.0

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