Scale Up Your Company

I think it is more than clear and obvious - unavoidable: In order to grow your company it has to change what it's doing now.

Every change means taking risks, but some changes are more risky than others. In situation you have a new product you would like to place in the market.

So you need to create a new message which will get your prospective customers to do something you want. Sort of campaign.

The business owner has to invest into the new message and for getting it out there before it could be known if it will have the desired impact. That is a huge risk right? At least I thought so...

But this is not entirely true.

You can limit your investment and don't pay for a full campaign before you know if it will be really successful.

How should it be possible?

Just split your campain process to three process steps:

-> pilot -> perfect -> scaling-up

This technique can be used for developing new products or services.

Pilot them by testing the concept and then the prototype with a few potential customers. Use their feedback as a retrospective to modify and evaluate your original idea.

After roll out it locally. In case of any unforeseen problems, you can perfect the new product/service by either shipping them back or getting support people out to customers relatively quickly and inexpensively.

Scale up by going for a national or international launch only after managing the risks by taking the first 2 steps.

And why am I writing about it? Because I have to face again and again situations where “pilot, perfect and scale up” process should have been used and wasn’t.

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