Stop time travelling

I like to read web content in various languages, from different sources, to get inspired by creative authors around the world with a new idea for every day.

Some of you maybe know the blogger, angel investor and best-selling business book author James Altucher?

I know him from one podcast I was hearing to while I was jogging few weeks ago. (you can find the podcast with James here)

James was talking about stressing out and he mentioned the consideration of his time travelling... Yes, time travel.

Thinking about things that have yet to happen, or things transpired in the past are the things we suffer with fear and anxiety over. I other words, in such situations we are time travelling.

James says:

"Don't get lost in the future. Don't get lost in the past. Turn off your time machine. Live right now. We need you here in the present moment. We need you because the world is a better place when you are here and not time travelling."

Instead to being in the present, where everything is actually just fine. Anxiety and panic sets in when we think about things that are out of control at this moment in time - happened in our past or happen in the future.
 So, the next time that panic sets in, just STOP THE TIME TRAVELLING!:-)

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