16. TTO Forum 2013 – My Presentation and My Thanks to Everyone Involved

This past week I attended and spoke at the TTO customer event in Renningen.  It was an amazing event full of great networking opportunities and interesting talks with our customers, potential customers, business partners and other attendees.  
It was also truly remarkable to see how our new product TTO.bic (Business Integration Cluster) met with the interest of professionals attending the event.

The opening keynote to learn more about the cloud computing and cloud based services was held by Jürgen Arnold, Chief Technologist & Strategist, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group. Mr. Arnold described the way cloud computing can enable a company to build  a infrastructure at a much lower cost, and at a much faster pace, than would normally be the case.
Participants had the chance to talk bilaterally and establish networking contacts during the evening  event at KochArt Studio andreas walker in Renningen. It was really a great idea to cook the dinner together.
The next day started with the presentation of experiences made the during the creating top-class system infrastructure for Supply Chain. Presented by Dan Cisar, IT EMEA Project Manager,  Tech Data Distribution s.r.o.)
My presentation was focused on our new intergration tool TTO.bic. Presented by the example of use cases from the practice business I showed the advantages and agile approach of the software. Judging by the feedback and positive atmosphere it was the right way how to present the possible usage and benefits of our innovativ solution.
The official part of the conference was completed by the TTO.pem (Process Event Monitor) presentation by my collegue Manuel Bitzer, based on many business cases which are tailored to particular applications and can be allocated to specific industries.  
To everyone involved in making this event a reality, thank you!
And thank you all who attended my presentation.  I apologize for not having time to answer all your questions, but if you leave a comment on this blog post I will be very happy to reply.
Lastly, for those of you interested in demo access to our new product (I got a lot of positive feedback at the conference), be sure to contact me.

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