The future of Cloud-Based Services

What are the advantages of cloud-based services, especially in the global business?
What are the coming innovative scenarios and key issues?

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Increased efficiency through the Service Cloud

At first the existing Service-Cloud-Solution has been analyzed with the focus on the practical implementation. Especially the companies with the complex service business can increase the efficiency and quality in the customer service by use of cloud-based services.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular can realize innovations quickly and cost-effective, by use of new technologies, such as mobile apps and social media.

Requirements for Service Cloud in the Future

Especially for SMEs could represent the Service Cloud an alternative, to support the information-intensive business processes of global service networks. Many companies use IT solutions that do not meet the current demands in the service business anymore.

Research project continues

The goal should be to lay the cornerstone for the Service Cloud future. I will keep the study in sight…

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