Training Concept of Sleeping Low

is a new strategy under current study at Hawley’s lab and in Europe.

The new protocol works like this:
Athletes train hard in the evening and go to bed fasted. (Or without eating carbs at dinner—that means no pasta or dessert.) So their muscle glycogen stores stay depleted throughout the night. The next morning, athletes train lightly on an empty stomach—that’s where they force their muscles to adapt to burning fat. Then, it’s just refuel and repeat.

And here are the positive points (in opposite to low-carb training):
  • not compromising power and intensity during the evening training session 
  • allowing athletes to spend only their non-waking and early morning hours in a glycogen depleted state 
  • not feeling awful all day and during the evening workouts. 
Skipping breakfast to train lightly in the morning should be easier for most athletes and can teach muscles to use fat as fuel as needed, while the new protocol still allows for use of fast-acting sugars in the evening to avoid sacrifices in form and performance.

Yes, Athletes Need Carbs. But the Timing Matters.

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