AWS Summit 2014 in Berlin

An interesting location has been chosen for the AWS Summit in Berlin, the old poststation (Postbahnhof).
The registration at the beginning was a little bit crowdy, but the speed of the lane was ok.

I like the hall with the sponsors and the spaces offering a lot of talks.

The event starts with the keynote of the CTO at Dr. Werner Vogels. His speech was combined with customer reports by Kaercher, Software AG or talanx. 
The reports demonstrated some business cases and demonstrated by example that AWS and the cloud approach arrived also in big enterprises.

One of the Werner's messages:
"Reduce the experimental costs to create a new products designed by customers. "

The crucial point of the presentation was the Security and AWS. For Amazon as a service provider is the security topic the most important one. Not just in Germany or Europe, but worldwide.

The AWS infrastructure complies the highest security standards like ISO 27001 and SOC1 and many more.

"Cloud computing is defined by benefits not by functionality. 
Private cloud has none of these benefits!"

As a summary and the final impression of the AWSSummit I would say, it was a worth of the time and I had some interesting points. The event tries to reach a broad public and it is not easy. Every visitor has to do the best on his own. Find the right partners for experience exchange and interesting talks.
If you like to bring your customer into the cloud then it would be a good idea to take them to such event.

If I would participate at this event also in the future? I thing, I will but then as an exhibitor:-)

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