Mixed conclusion after BITKOM event “Trendkongress 2013”

This week at 13.11. took place , theTrendkongress 2013 of the German IT and telecommunications industry BITKOM in Berlin. More than 800 guests attended the event .

The chosen location was wonderfully fitted to the entire atmosphere . Two main issues I have identified for me personally - start-ups and innovation in Germany.

The presentations were compiled very well and everybody had the agony of choice.. In the main hall were held the keynotes and panel discussions, while the workshops were presented in the individual side rooms.

The entire organization was very professional. It was one of the best organized events I've ever attended.

The top speakers in the various keynotes have kept interesting presentations and everybody could take something for his own company and activities.

One or the other workshop was also thematically interesting, but it was all about ideas already completed or describing current running projects. At this point I have expected more from “Trendkongress”.

So why the mixed conclusion from my side?
It was my first Trendkongress BITKOM and my expectations were perhaps a bit too high. The trends in the near future were barely mentioned during the keynotes, and in the workshops.

The focus was mainly on the past and present. Too often sentences were heard, such as:
"Just as we said 10 years ago, so it has happened, in fact."
"At that time there was no Twitter, or social media, we had already ..."

So many "visionaries" were there, but no one has really dared to take a look into the future from the present point of view. Pity ...

Overall I would recommend the event to anyone, simply because of the first-class speakers. There are also great possibilities for networking and talks outside of the presentations.

So I would say “See you at the BITKOM Trendkongress 2014”!

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