What is actually the problem of Blackberry?

On Monday a message came out that Blackberry will sell itself to a group led by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. that would pay about $4.7 billion. To reflect the lost value of phones inventory it would cost nearly $1 billion and 4,500 jobs. Also a significant shift in strategy is planned and the private consumer market should be targeted.

And what is actually the problem of Blackberry?
Three years ago Blackberry’s market share in North America was nearly 70%.  This year, it is about 5%. Globally it seems to be not better.
And why is it so bad now?
Once people got used to using these devices daily in their personal lives, they began expecting to bring them to work. “BYOD” — “Bring Your Own Device”
Unfortunately, there was for a long time no reaction from Blackberry and now it is too late.
But Blackberry has still one area where it may still have some leverage - Enterprise Server, which secures and manages mobile devices. The recent version supports also Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Second successful area is a solid market share among businesses, and in government and financial institutions.

Blackberry has to pursue aggressive strategies and take some risks. Otherwise, Blackberry’s prospects do not look good.

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