Feedback Cycles important for Product Development

Actually already at new born babies we can see the passion for feedback cycles. The baby get bored very fast, if there is no feedback on its action. With an action it causes an effect and if there is no feedback loop then it is not interesting anymore…

The same behavior we can see also at our customers when they evaluate a product. The feedback loops play a critical role in the decision phase and distinguish between successful and unsuccessful products (services).

If we are aware that then it has to be take into consideration already in the analysis and design phases of the product development.

Feedback loops consist of a few simple steps:

A person cases an action and this cases one or more effects. These effects are presented (communicated) back to the person. This cycle is repeated continuously.

In my opinion there are a few most critical aspects like

- in case of decision in the project, the expected outcome should be shown immediately to the client. This feedback increases the client’s confidence by making that decision.

- taking decision is difficult if the client does not have any possibility of comparison. Only if the client has quantified comparison an informed decision can be made.

- presentation of the data without the underlying information cannot be used effectively for the decision finding. Current environmental conditions have to be provided for example in form of the historical data.

- the providing of the understandable data to the client supports the self-confidence of the client by the handling with the product. The concern is it to make comprehensible decisions and to encourage to the responsibility willingness.

Product manager, designer and developer should not underestimate the above-mentioned aspects of the fundamental human behavior and expectations.

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