Vocabulary for TOEFL iBT

If you are trying to gain admission into universities where instruction is in English
and this is not your native language, you will have to pass the TOEFL iBT (Test
of English as a Foreign Language Internet-based test).

I am in this situation in the next months. In my preparation phase I have found very interesting book.
The book helps you with unfamiliar words. I think, you agree with me... You can learn new and new vocabulary, but in the reality you will meet some unfamiliar words every day. Also in the TOEFL iBT.

In the book you can find hints, how to guess the meaning or at least the
part of speech of an unfamiliar word.

Vocabulary strategies:

  • Vocabulary in Context

  • Using Prefixes and Suffixes

  • Word Roots

  • Commonly Confused Words—Homonyms

  • Idioms and Vocabulary Variations

For me is the book very helpful.

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