Smart Data – Know thyselves!

The term “Big Data” we can find everywhere - in technical literature, different discussions and marketing prospects. But what does it really means for private user, public sector and companies?

Big Data remembers on the new technology for which the problems have to be found.

In the praxis we can see the active usage of the big data in marketing and sales. It is important to understand the historical data, but to extract the information influencing the decisions for the future is a little suspect.

The Big Data can help analyze an amount of data for which our human understanding is not sufficient enough.

What we need is not really the word BIG in the name but SMART. Smart data – is what I am working for. My team is working on the possibility to recognize and extract the usable information from a huge amount of data and data resources.

The problem of the Big Data is not a wrong technology or too primitive algorithms; there is a principal problem of the targeted goal - prediction. There is no sure method to predict the future!

For the decisions the people have to be the last instance to minimize wrong decisions or catastrophic outgoings. BUT… people are not rational… and it does not cause only wrong decisions. If Steve Jobs would trust blind the provided data then we wouldn’t have any iphone or ipad.

We need systems that support us, people, by calling attention on important coherences to be able to evaluate the considered perspective. But for this we do not need a Big Data but Smart Data.

So I can just say: ”Big Data – Know thyselves!”

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