Building up marketing capabilities

Our company is currently dealing with design and development of self-service platform based on cloud-based services. The technical background of this new platform is clear and the first milestones have been achieved…

But the essential question is how to communicate widely the benefits of this online platform to the potential customers. Therefore, and in order to take the next step of negotiating with interested clients, a successful marketing strategy has to be developed.

“In my opinion everybody in the organization is a member of the marketing department.”

This is probably my most important realization that the whole team can help drive business growth and help with SEO and other marketing initiatives. Gone are the days when the marketing department consists of a few individuals… If we want to be successful, we should take a look over to the US companies, where every member of the company is involved in content creation (blogging, images, videos, flyers, etc). Also social media and building of new relationships belongs to the common marketing activities.

Companies, who recognize this, have typically a better culture and higher employee engagement, and are typically ahead of their competition.

People do business with, and link to companies, who have a face behind them. So it is important to have some individuals who are the face of the organization.

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